Coastal Cutthroat

Puget Sound offers one of Washington State's most rewarding trout fisheries.  Its endless beaches hold healthy populations of  aggressive searun cutthroat trout.  The cutthroat call more than 2,000 miles of shoreline their home.  Finding them can be a daunting task.  The many sheltered bays and inlets of South Puget Sound provide a fly angler the perfect hunting ground to target these spotted beauties.   Beach access is limited and the best fish are typically outside the casting range of a shore angler.  A good boat is a must.  Fishing out of a Mako 17 Pro Skiff outfitted specifically for this fishery, Adventure Angling will put you in water most fishermen can't access.  With Adventure Angling, you wont spend your day looking for fish, you'll spend your day catching fish.  More and more fishermen are discovering the unique thrill of searun cutthroat on the fly.  If you want to ensure your trip is all that it can be, make sure to call a premium guide.  Make sure to call Adventure Angling.

Full day:

1 Angler     $450

2 Anglers   $500

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The Fish

Coastal Cutthroat are a marvelous species.  They are robust survivors, highly adaptable and capable predators.  What's more, they are an ancient species, thriving in Puget Sound for millennia.  Over fishing nearly wiped them out but thanks to careful catch and release management by WDFW they are thriving once again.  Every year their size and numbers grow...come see it for yourself.


While the waters of South Puget Sound are quiet and peaceful, the inlets and island create deceptively powerful currents.  More than any other factor, tides effect the fishing.  It controls the movement of everything, including the cutthroat and all they eat.  Knowing how to adapt tactics to match the tidal conditions is paramount to good fishing.  Nevertheless, there are days that will fish better than others because of the timing of the tides.  The best tides tend to book up fast.  If you're able to plan ahead and book early, you'll be rewarded with outstanding fishing.


Spend a Day on the Water

South Puget Sound is the perfect place to leave it all behind.  Quiet waterways and bountiful fish make for a great getaway.