Hidden Treasure

In my experience destinations offering the most rewarding, most satisfying fishing are off the grid.  I've also seen such places get discovered and destroyed.  Nevertheless outstanding destinations remain hidden...and many of them are closer than you would believe!  It might just be their proximity that makes them such treasures.  It certainly makes them vulnerable to ruin.  Keeping such places off the grid is vital to their endurance.  However, what's treasure that can't be appreciated!

Adventure Angling is the ONLY guide service in Puget Sound offering trips to these destinations because I'm the only one who's found them. Opportunities are limited and seasonal and you'll need to call to reserve your day.  Species include cutthroat, native rainbow, and largemouth bass.

Keeping it Quiet

Before we head out on an elite excursion, your discretion must be guaranteed.  Once you experience these destinations you'll understand how magical and vulnerable they really are.  I'll take you there, but once we've left you were never there in the first place.  In fact, it's best you forget I even brought it up.


All Elite Excursions are full day trips.  Trips are designed for 1 Angler.

All destinations are seasonal.  Details vary greatly depending on destination and season so book by phone.

Elite Excursion full day trip:    $600