The Fishing

Omak Lake's alkaline water is host to native red-sided shiners...and the large Lahontan Cutthroat Trout that feed on them.  Each spring the fish come into the shallows to look for spawning creeks and feed on shiners.  The lake's turquoise water is clean and clear.  The boulder covered shoreline provides ideal hunting ground for cutthroat.  Ideal for them because the rocks hide them from the shiners.  Ideal for us because the structure creates exciting sight fishing opportunities with big fish and hard hits.  All day we strip flies to aggressive fish we can see...often times we hook fish we didn't see.  Perhaps most surprising is often we have the huge lake all to ourselves.  Come to Omak with Adventure Angling this May!

May 2017

Call or email for available Omak Dates.

Omak Lake Trip:        $900 (2 days guided fishing 1 or 2 anglers)

The Lake

The lake is natural, at it's deepest is over 300', and most of its shoreline is in a game preserve.  Its beauty alone is worth the trip.  What's better is that the wildlife is abundant in the spring.  Almost every day the wild horses and deer are seen around the lake.  Each season we'll usually spot coyote, moose, and bear as well.  A few years back we saw a small pack of wolves with pups come to the lake!!  If that's not enough all day you're serenaded by song birds...and don't even get me started on all the different kinds of birds of prey!  Don't forget your camera, and binoculars are tons of fun when you need a break from fish fighting.